I’m slowly putting up the videos of JB’s BAND 2009 tour.
Here is one of the first, shot in Basel, Switzerland. I hope you’ll like it!

You can find it along with other videos on the video page or on my YouTube channel.

The house concert in Prangins was filmed by Vidéoartvision, and you can already see some of the videos on their site.

Things are moving behind the scenes here at jbmusic. We now have dates to communicate for JB’s Band European Tour 2009:

For additional bookings, please contact Marius Klein (StudioKLEINkunst), or JB’s Band directly.

Make sure you visit jbmusic.ch regularly to stay updated!

European Tour 2009

December 19, 2008

As announced previously, JB’s Band will be on tour all over Europe between May 14th and June 1st. We now have a poster to announce the tour!

JBs Band Poster.

JB’s BAND featuring McLain, Stevens, van Es & Gray

Public Performance Schedule

September 25, 2008

**  IBMA “World of Bluegrass”, Nashville, TN  **

“After Hours” Show, EBMA International suite,

NCC Level 1 Room 104,  Wednesday October 1, 12:30 am

Joost van Es, Jean-Blaise Rochat and Tom Gray




(May 14th – June 1st)

JB’s BAND featuring

McLain, Stevens, van Es & Gray”