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JB’s Band “Album vol. 1 & 2″, JBCD 01-02 (2007)

                 VOLUME 1

  1. Pack up your sorrows
  2. One morning in may
  3. Liberty
  4. My dear companion
  5. Tall pines
  6. He’s coming again
  7. Horse and buggy
  8. If I needed  you
  9. Road to Bean Blossom
  10. Teardrops will kiss the morning dew
  11. A letter to Tom
  12. Sally Ann
  13. You’re my best friend
  14. The old home place

              VOLUME 2

  1. Each season changes you
  2. Over the mountain
  3. Blue-eyed Elaine
  4. Le petit joueur de flûteau
  5. Fare thee well Cisco
  6. Old cottage home
  7. The fifth line
  8. A long chain on
  9. Melissa’s waltz for J.B.
  10. Two sweethearts
  11. Wreck of the number nine
  12. Sweet Guinevere
  13. Bill Cheatham
  14. Lonely little cabin

Ordering information

Order the album by sending 18€ by PayPal to jb at jbmusic dot ch with your shipping address. Allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.

A comment about JB’s Band Album by Bill Clifton

It is not often that traditional mountain music gets “new look”, but the musicianship and imaginative arrangements of JB’s Band are refreshing addition to the generic performances of so many of the European and American groups who are currently performing and recording acoustic music! The material that makes up these two compact discs ranges from a version“The Nightingale” (“One Morning in May”) which is widely known and sung in the British Isles, through Uncle Dave Macon’s “Over the Mountain” and Carson Robison’s “Wreck of the Number Nine” and great variety of songs and tunes from the repertoire of Carter Family, Red Rector, Jean Ritchie, Art Stamper, Doc Watson, Ernest Tubb, and the popular trio of the 1960’s, Peter, Paul & Mary… as well as a number of other well-known sources. These are some of the singers and song-writers who touched the teen-aged Jean-Blaise Rochat (JB) as he began to teach himself to play guitar and 5-string banjo in his home town Lausanne, Switzerland.

In the four decades that have followed since his youth, Jean-Blaise has performed in concerts and at special events with most, if not all, of the musicians you will hear on this 2-CD set. And for more than thirty years I have had the pleasure of sharing the stage and recording studio space with thisgentle soul… sometimes in the context of a 5 or 6 piece Bluegrass band… or on tour with Red Rector, and other times as a duet team.

Balancing his love of music with his profession as a Doctor of Urology has not always been easy, but his contributions in both fields have been significant. The sensitivity he has shown for his patients over years has carried over to the music… and vice-versa. Combine this talent with an inherent ability to recognize and attract gifted singers/musicians to join him in the studio and on personal appearances, and you get a 2-CD set that will guarantee many hours of pleasurable listening. While other band-leaders prefer to feature their own singing talents on every track of an album, Jean-Blaise prefers to feature the voice of that singer who has the strongest relationship with the material… or, perhaps, an unusual interpretation of a song. As a result, we are given the opportunity to enjoy some extraordinarily fine music.

Personally, I am honored to have been a small part of JB’s Band, and the more I listen to these discs, the more they brighten my days!

Bill Clifton, April 2007

Bill Clifton





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